• Academic year is divided in two terms. There will be unit tests between the two terms.
  • The terminal examination date sheet shall be made known well before time.
  • Examination shall not be preponed or postponed for individual students. Examinations missed will not be conducted again on any account.
  • No leave other than the medical leave is sanctioned during the tests. Application for medical leave should be duly supported by a medical certificate from a registered M.B.B.S. doctor.
  • Medical certificate should be submitted well in time to make appropriate entries in the school record.
  • Any other lave availed will not be taken into consideration in determining the promotion.
  • Using of unfair means during an examination is liable to deterrent punishment.
Promotion Rules
  • Pass marks in each subject is 40%.
  • Promotion to the next class is based on the annual aggregate which must be 60%.
S.no. Percentage Grade
1 90 - 100   A+
2 80 - 89 A
3 70 - 79   B+
4 60 - 69 B
5 50 - 59 C
6 33 - 49 D
7 00 - 32 E
  • Students of the classes LKG, UKG, I & ll will genera ly be promoted. However, exceptionally weak students may be detained.
  • Students of classes III to V must pass in four compulsory subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science and one of the subjects Social Science and Sanskrit and also obtain 60% of the annual aggregate.
  • Students of the classes VI, VII & VIII must pass in English, Mathematics, Science and Hindi and one of the subjects Sanskrit and Social Science (Civics, History, Geography and Economics). A pass is req6ired in Sanskrit in class VIII for being eligible in the certificate examination. An average of 60% of the aggregate shall be required for promotion.
  • Students of the classes IX and XI must pass in all the subjects. In case of Science subject, they must pass in theory angl-pc, ical separately.
  • The school es not undertake to retain answer-scripts for more than a month after the reports are given.
  • Internal re-checks, totalling of the marks etc. will be completed by a scheme of standardization before 40 reports are given out. Hence as a general rule, no answer-scripts will be shown to parents.
  • In case of any complaint of injustice the same can be brought to the notice of the Principal and she / he at her! his sOte discretion may have the answer scripts re-checked.
  • Promotion once refused will not be considered. In no case shall a student be promoted on trial.
  • A student failing in two successive years may not continue in the same class for the third time.„Such student will have to be withdrawn from the school.
  • A student who has not appeared for all the test papers and has not completed all the two terminal examinations of the academic year either due to medical leave or leave taken at own risk, will not be considered for rank in the class.